Architecture Live
Phenomenological Studies of Extraordinary Architectural Experiences

Ongoing Works

Survey of Extraordinary Architectural Experiences (in English & Español)
Investigation aimed at collecting qualitative and quantative information about people’s most profound, lasting, and/or intense reactions toward architecture. A sample of the English survey is available here. Una copia de la encuesta en Español se puede ver aquí.

Articles (in English & Español)
A selected sample of published papers addressing issues related to Architecture Live. Selección de artículos en Español sobre el tema.

Whereas a book solely focused on Architecture Live is in progress, I have published two related books in 2015. These longer, committed writing, delve into the profound mental, emotional, physical and spiritual phenomenologies of architecture and place. The goal is to offer useful insights and new arguments for a better appreciation, conservation, design and planning of the built and natural environments.

Science constitutes today's widely agreed method and language to articulate, argue, and decide on controversial or provocative claims and issues such as those advanced by Architecture Live. Therefore, if we are to gain understanding and leverage, we need to engage empirical science. Since 2009, I have been leading a fMRI Study of Architecturally Induced Contemplative States. Several presentations, a peer-review abtract, and media coverage have resulted from this investigation with more to come.

Sketches -- "Usus in Praesens"
Drawing is used as a phenomenological method to initialize, stabilize, appreciate, study, and record the experience of being present through architecture. Sketching may thus constitute a cnontemplative practice to be alive in the most real and profound sense of the word. This is the attitude and philosophy behind "Usus in Praesens", the practice of being present through drawings. An English version of this effort is available in this article.

Architectural, Culture and Spirituality (ACS) Forum
Launching an International scholarly/research forum composed of individuals interested in the relationship between architecture, culture and spirituality in April 2007 was an essential component of the Architecture Live vision and effort. Today, nearly 9 years later, over 400 people from 42 countries participate in discussion advancing our understanding, teaching, practice, and investigation of the deepest dimensions of architecture.

Voluntary Architectural Simplicity (VAS)
VAS proposes a voluntary and critical architectural direction to resist the forces of today’s unconscious materialism, empty consumerism, unnecessary complexity, and life in the fast lane.

Transcending Architecture Course
This class examines meta-cognitive, affective, and representational methods enabling a phenomenological realization of architecture, self, and beyond.