Architecture Live
Phenomenological Studies of Extraordinary Architectural Experiences

Architecture Live is a research project that studies extraordinary architectural experiences, that is, transformative phenomenologies of architectural beauty.

By seeking to understand the deep physical, perceptual, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual processes supporting our profound experiences of architecture and place, Architecture Live casts light into (1) an area little known and probed of human (aesthetic) experience, (2) what is ‘ordinary’ or 'normal' in our daily situational engagement of architecture, and thus (3) how to improve our appreciation, respect, design and planning of the built and natural environments.

Architecture Live zooms into exceptional interfaces between mind and matter using architectural experience as its probing method, and therefore offers a very unique observation and introspection of how physics (substance, materiality) and “metaphysics” (consciousness, psychology) profoundly affect one another.

(c) copyright Julio Bermudez 2007-2016