Between Art, Science and Technology: Data Representation Architecture

Julio Bermúdez, Jim Agutter, Stefano Foresti, Dwayne Westenskow, Noah Syroid, Frank Drews and Elizabeth Tashjian

(published in Leonardo (2005) Vol.38, No.4, pp.280-285, 296-297 —ISSN 0024-084X)

Based on a paper presented at "Artists in Industry and the Academy," a special section of the 92nd Annual Conference of the College Art Association, Seattle, WA, 18--21 February 2004, for the panel "Art, Science, and Technology: Problems and Issues Facing an Emerging Interdisciplinary Field."



As our civilization continues to dive deeper into the information age, making sense of complex data becomes critical. This work takes on this challenge by means of a novel method based on complete interdisciplinarity, design process and built-in evaluations. The result is the design, construction, testing and deployment of data environments supporting real-time decision-making in such diverse domains as anesthesiology and live art performance. Fundraising success, technology licensing, market implementation and many live art performances provide evidence of the great potential of committed interdisciplinary work for advancing science, art and technology while benefiting society at large.