Art and Design: Cures for Society's Growing Data Perceptual Blindness?

Julio Bermudez

(published in Leonardo (2004) Vol. 37, No. 5 (October), p.357 (ISSN 0024-084X) and in Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol.12, No 5, May 2004 (— ISSN #1071-4391



Our systems and technologies have developed to a much larger extent than the representational instruments necessary to make sense out of what our apparati are sensing.  It is as if our society’s “body” is able to experience sensations but its brain is unable to fully process them to allow for optimal situation awareness. Art and design may play an important role in lending perceptual power to the unclear and overwhelming sensorial output coming out of our instruments. Returning precise sight to blurred vision means to conceive new representational conventions and tools that transform raw data into meaningful information.

Keywords: interdisciplinary, data, information, visualization, design, representation